Shelby Molchan is considered by many to be Northern Nevada's formost Colon Hydrotherapist, specializing in degerative disease detoxification.

     Shelby began her medical cereer at the age of 18 starting out as a receptionist for a prominent OB/GYN in Burbank, CA. Focusing on patient social skills, she quickly became office manager and upon the doctors retirement began a home based medical billing service.
She also attended beauty school and spent a number of years as a stay home mom until, following a lengthy illness at the age of 42, she became a certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Shelby worked at alternative medical clinics in Reno and Carson City and numerous doctors in the area referred their degenertive disease patients to her for Colon Hydrotherapy treatments that include coffee, ozone,and probiotic implants. During and sence her illness she studied emotional, spiritual and lifestyle apects of detoxification and healing to build a wealth of information that she shared through her writings.
      Shelby teaches cleansing, nutrition, and lifestyle changes necessary for healing. Shelby believes in educating people to understand their body's needs, and is honored to be a part of "THE CHANGE"  book series.

Shelby Molchan CCHT
Digestive Health Consultant ~ Lifestyle Change Facilitator
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist ~ Holistic Author ~ Speaker
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            I first used Colon Hydrotherapy in 2006 while seeking recovery ongoing autointoxication fueled by repeated hemorrhaging, anemia and exhaustion.  Amazing results occurred with regular colonics combined with diet and lifestyle changes and my health was regained.
In spring of 2007, I trained with Carol Christian of Reno Alternative Health Care Center and became a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist.  I worked at RAHCC with Carol as my mentor until she closed the Center in February, 2008 when she moved her practice to Gerber Medical Clinic, also in Reno, Nevada.  I was blessed to work with ‘Doc’ Gerber and his amazing family who are all gracious and loving healers.  It was at Gerber Medical Clinic that I began to develop my therapeutic grade Colon Hydrotherapy treatment.

            In March of 2010 I opened Island Rainbow Wellness Center in Carson City, Nevada and worked for the next three years practicing and perfecting my treatment.  In February 2012, I moved my practice to The Nevada Center under the direction of Dr. Frank Shallenberger, where I was instructed on the use of ozone in colonics and insufflation of ozone to the bowel. 
            Prior to becoming a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist I had 15 years experience in the medical profession, including office manager for a busy OB/GYN practice and my own medical billing service.  I also have 20 years experience in the beauty industry as a licensed manicurist.  I have extensive knowledge of Reflexology and Aromatherapy and love to research other modalities of healing, my latest interest being vibrational healing and the effects of gut health on emotional wellbeing.  I have raised organic gardens, practiced rotational and companion planting, composting and raised chickens. I also love hiking, yoga and meditation.
           I counsel my clients on diet and lifestyle changes and ways of addressing toxicity from Candida, Heavy Metals and Parasites.  I also work with clients to rebuild the immune system of the body to overcome autoimmune issues, thyroid, adrenal and hormone imbalances. 
I was a contributing free-lance writer for Healthy Beginnings Magazine from 2008 through 2012, when I chose to began to devote my writing time to working on my (hopefully soon to be published) book about Colon Hydrotherapy.  I have been a member of GPACT (Global Professional Association of Colon Therapists) and eWomen Network. 
          Over the years I have given thousands of colonics and since I began adding coffee to the colonic in 2008 I have helped patients lower liver enzymes, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and almost all report a decrease in physical discomfort, an increase in vitality and improved mental outlook.  Since we see what passes through the waste tube during a colonic, we can begin to assess the composition of the matter that a client’s body releases.  Coffee allows the liver to flush bile, liver flukes, gravel and occasionally gallstones.  The use of coffee also encourages the release of chemicals harbored by the liver, parasites and Candida, as well as improving peristaltic function of the colon.
         In 2010 I began encouraging my clients to have a probiotic implant at the end of their treatment. Patients who chose to receive the probiotic implants reported less detox symptoms following a colonic and a faster recovery time.  Probiotics are very soothing and help settle the active colon following the treatment.  Patients receiving regular treatments showed improved immunities, tended to be less acidic and had improved absorption and eliminations.
        The insufflation of ozone into the bowel during a Colon Hydrotherapy session makes the environment inhospitable for anaerobic pathogens. Ozone is especially effective in treatment of parasitic infections and Candida overgrowth.  Ozone is believed by many to be beneficial to the repair of mitochondrial DNA. 
I have made it my focus to perfect this treatment and observe its results.  My findings lead me to believe that many people will benefit from my Therapeutic Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment. 


To Whom it May Concern;
I have been a chiropractor for over 35 years.  I f nd that health issues are often complex and need a multi-facted approach.  I search out healers in my community that are likely to make a contribution.  One such person is Shelby Molchan.  She ran a colon hydrotherapy clinic close by.  I had never gone that route and would have, except that I found Shelby to be the kind of person who inspires trust.  I found her treatments to be professional and effective.  I did notice a change in my overall health as we proceeded over the weeks.  I would encourage anyone interested in helping solve health issues to consider working with Shelby.
Dan Schlenger, Carson City, NV

My Testimonial
Hi Shelby...
I can't tell you how impressed I was by your treatment. The colonic and the gentle way you handled everything-the truth you spoke in a way that I could understand-really nice..
You're awesome!!
Irene,  Carson City, NV

Shelby has been the most essential in my recovery from colon cancer. Surviving chemo and choosing to honor both holistic and allopathic healing modalities-everything from advice on supplements necessary to rebuilding my immune system and optimizing gut health and answering a myriad of ??'s on just how the body works, Shelby's infinite wisdom combined with 9 years of practical experience has been an invaluable resource in my recovery. Her patience  and aloha engender a trust that is a blessing to have discovered. Don't hesitate in connecting with her if being guided to. As she states in her bio "You are never too young and it is never too late to make changes necessary to achieve good health!".
Skye C. Maui, HI

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