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Is Leaky Gut Affecting You?

Leaky gut may be affecting you, and you may not know it.  Research continues to prove that ALL ailments begin in the gut.  Conventional medicine has trained doctors to treat symptoms, so if you’re seeing a doctor for arthritis, skin conditions or allergies he or she may not be aware that the answer lies in treating the digestive tract. 
So just what is leaky gut?  First let me briefly familiarize you with the digestive tract.  The upper part consists of the mouth, throat and esophagus.  In the middle consists of the stomach, duodenum, jenjunum and small intestine.  The lower part consists of the colon, rectum and anus.  That’s over 25 feet of plumbing! 
Although leaky gut affects the function of the entire digestive tract, for now we are going to focus on the small intestine.  That is where the major portion of absorption of nutrients happens.  The small intestine contains villi which are like tiny hairy fingers that wave around in the liquid passing through and absorb nutrients.  The wall of the small intestine contains minute holes, similar to a very fine screen, through which the nutrients pass into the blood stream.  Leaky gut is basically a situation where the small holes have become enlarged to allow proteins and other substances that are supposed to pass on to the colon to be absorbed into the blood stream.  The bloodstream then becomes polluted with matter that is supposed to have been filtered and processed by the colon. 
Initially this situation manifests as allergies and skin issues. Since the skin is the largest detoxifying organ of the body, the bloodstream dumps these toxins to the skin in attempt to keep them from entering the other organs and tissues deeper within the structure. 
With the normal function of the digestive tract diminished by the leaching of toxins, symptoms such as acid reflux, malabsorption, and irritable bowels ensue (this includes IBS, colitis and crone’s disease. 
Next in line to be affected is the immune system.  Since 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, autoimmune symptoms begin to appear and now we’re getting into some debilitating and life threatening manifestations of an unhappy gut. 
Prolonged leaky gut causes autoimmune conditions like, chronic adrenal fatigue, thyroid and hormone dysfunction, rheumatiod arthritis, Epstein Barr, lupus, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, futher decline brings degenerative diseases like cancer.  That’s the bad news. 
The good news is that leaky gut can be healed!  Time frames for healing are dependent upon how long the conditions have been present, unfortunately most people have either been mis diagnosed or have ignored and ‘lived with’ symptoms far too long.  Serious diet and lifestyle changes and commitment to lifelong change and dedication to self care are required. Although that may sound intimidating, most people report that they are much happier with their newfound ways and wouldn’t go back for anything.
It is becoming widely known that chemicals and GMO’s present in today’s food supply have wreaked havoc in the digestive tract and immune system, with glyphosphate being responsible for the loosening of the issue in the small intestine which allows the gut to leak.  So the first and foremost change required to heal leaky gut is the switch to an all organic diet.  Detoxification of intestines, major organs and tissue is necessary to remove the overburdened body filters and to provide relief from autointoxication.  This is done through Colon Hydrotherapy, coffee enemas, far infrared sauna, as well as neti pot and ear candling to relieve sinuses and allergies, lymphatic drainage and other modalities.  Due to hydration factors Colon Hydrotherapy is particularly effective in cleansing the colon of impacted fecal matter, relieving the bloodstream of impurities, and allowing the liver and kidneys to release stored toxins. 
Besides diet, lifestyle changes and detox, healing leaky gut requires the use of adaptogenic herbs and supplements to tighten the gut tissue and repair exhausted adrenals, thyroid and hormones. 
Yes, it all sounds like a lot.  The earlier in the stages a person tackles the subject the easier the fix.  For those who have lost their love for and quality of life by having to spend too many days in pain and misery this process may just be the best thing they’ve ever done!

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