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Co-Author of 'The Change'
book #9 of 'The Change Book Series'
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Everyday science and medicine contiue to support my belief that all illness, mental and physical begin in the gut.
I am by far not the first person to say this! The enteric nervous system - your second brain - is still largley a mystery.
But it is becoming widely accepted that it dictates weather you are healthy or sick.
Since over 70% of your immune system resides in your gut.
Fixing it is the most important thing you can do to live a healthy well balanced life.
  This is where I come in!
I can help you fix your gut imbalance and teach you how to live comfortably in your body.
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Shelby Molchan CCHT
Digestive Health Consultant ~ Lifestyle Change Facilitator
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist ~ Holistic Author ~ Speaker
The Path To Wellness Begins Here

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 
Are you suffering with chronic illness or degenerative disease?
Are you over the brain fog, lack of energy, living in pain? 
Maybe you’ve tried diets, fasting, cleansing without sustained success.
Good health and vitality come from a healthy digestive tract!  
If you’re ready for change, BIG change, let’s get started!
I use my extensive knowledge about the digestive tract, cleansing and the immune system to assist you in making the improvements necessary in diet and lifestyle to live comfortably in your body. 
This is a choice driven program, meaning that I give you the information you need to make changes in diet and lifestyle in the order that is most beneficial for you. 

With my guidance you will learn about the many different ways that you can improve your health and vitality.
Working with me you will go at your own pace, but you will be expected to move forward. 
This will be a total life change, encompassing many aspects of your world.
If you are living with diminishing quality of life, what have you got to loose by making total life change?
This is a process and you will be making change incrementally.
Lasting change begins with baby steps!
I will provide you with information and support to take on changes as you become ready for them.
Most people find that as they begin to feel better they become excited and have more energy to continue on the path to vibrant health. 
When you fill out the questionnaire below and send it back to me I will contact you to set up a FREE 10 minute consultation.
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