Colon Hydrotherapy - It’s Not As Scary As You Think!

By Shelby Molchan, CCHT

Many people agree that bowel cleansing is a good idea, yet they may have many pre-conceived notions about receiving colon hydrotherapy.  One misconception is that colon hydrotherapy is painful, smelly and just plan gross.  And although the procedure can be uncomfortable at times during the treatment, when done in a relaxing, professional setting it can actually be relieving and invigorating.

Here is an overview of what a professional colon hydrotherapy session with me is like:

Following a consultation in which the client’s health issues and wellness goals are discussed and after determining that there are no contraindications to performing the procedure, the client is asked to use the restroom and disrobe from the waist down.  The client lies face up on the treatment table covered with a towel.  Attention to the client’s personal dignity is given at all times. 
A new disposable speculum measuring ¾ inches in diameter is inserted into the rectum.  Water and waste hoses are attached to the speculum and also to the closed system machine.  This machine includes a pressure gage used to monitor the pressure in the colon during the fills.  There also is an illuminated observation tube in the machine that allows the client to observe the matter that is removed from the colon.  The colon hydrotherapist is trained to identify and discuss with the client the waste seen in the tube.  Based on what is seen, suggestions can be made as to diet and lifestyle changes that could benefit the client. 
The treatment is a series of ‘fills’ and ‘releases’.  Abdominal manipulation is used throughout the treatment to identify and break up any impacted matter in the colon.  Low pressure fills are administered under close observation of the pressure gage and by communication with the client about how and what they are feeling.  When the bowel is sufficiently hydrated the pressure valve is released and water begins to circulate removing waste matter from the colon.  Various forms of bodywork can be used to stimulate the colon and encourage the bowel to release its contents.  Essential oils are used to relax the client and relieve detoxifications symptoms.  Coffee is implanted with the treatment to aid liver detoxification, stimulate peristalsis (contractions) of the colon and for pain relief.  Probiotics can be implanted at the end of the treatment to re-establish beneficial flora of the gut. 
A personal program will be established according to the client’s desires, which can include supplements and cleanses in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy sessions to address toxicity issues, boost absorption, digestion and elimination, aid in weight loss and improve general vitality. 
Most clients tolerate the procedure very well and spend 20-30 minutes on the table.  At the end of that time the client is instructed on how to finish the treatment in the restroom, the speculum is removed and the client enters the bathroom for the final release on the toilet and to get dressed. 
Finally, handouts are given pertaining to issues discussed during the treatment along with products available for purchase.  The therapist works with the client each session, monitoring progress, providing tips and encouragement to assist the individual in reaching his or her wellness goals. 
Because of the importance of hydration in the bowel, in the beginning it is recommended that treatments be done close together, daily or every other day.  A small cleanse of three treatments within a weeks time is a perfect way to jump start the digestive tract and boost metabolism, for more serious conditions ongoing treatments may be advised. 
Colon hydrotherapy also improves disturbances such as acid reflux, discomfort following eating, irritable bowel symptoms, gas, bloating and constipation.  Skin, hair and nails are also improved due to its complete hydrating effect on the body. Liver and blood toxicity are reduced resulting in a more vibrant, uplifted feeling.  Sometimes there are detoxification symptoms, which occur as decaying matter is dislodged from the colon wall and some of the toxins leach back into the blood stream.  This usually happen in the first few treatments as the body is being relieved of its overburden of toxins.  Electrolyte replacement and probiotic implants are beneficial in recovery from a difficult colonic.  Generally after a number of colon hydrotherapy sessions people begin to notice dramatic changes in the way they look and feel, including weight loss, increased energy, reduced anxiety and pain. 

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You Really Are Full Of Crap!

By Shelby Molchan, CCHT

According to the CDC, more than 69% of Americans are overweight, meaning they have impacted fecal matter in their colons.  Unless you eat a clean diet and have an annual cleansing routine you probably have allergies, digestive imbalances, headaches, etc.  And all of this leads to one thing which is that you really ARE full of crap. 
Your body is an amazing biological machine.  Mechanically, the body is a group of systems that perform with precision, or at least they’re supposed to.  Would you like to find out how to fuel and take care of this physical machine that you run around in? 
I deal mainly with the digestive system, which is called the Alimentary Tract, meaning the tubing which runs from your mouth to your anus.  A person with a highly functioning digestive tract eats a clean (organic, non-gmo) diet with blood type in mind, maintains optimal body weight by virtue of lifestyle, without the need for ‘diets’, calorie counting or constant vigilance.  When you live this way your bowels move three times a day, sometimes more.  You are clear minded, energetic, and active in your world.  If this is not you, read on, maybe it’s time to make some changes!
If you are overweight, even by only 10 pounds, or suffering from allergies, brain fog, digestive disturbances like heartburn, constipation, bloating and gas, I would like you to know that there is relief without antacids and laxatives, and without coffee and candy throughout the day for energy, and without sleep aids at night.  No matter what your doctor may tell you - having these ‘common ailments’ is not normal.  Your body has natural healing abilities and rhythms that can be reawakened and revitalized.
Colon Hydrotherapy is a method of cleansing the bowel that has its origins in ancient times.  References to bowel cleansing are made in the Essenes of Christ as well as the Ebers Papyrus.   By gently filling the bowel with warm, purified water impacted matter is loosened and carried out of the body with the release. 
Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colonics can relieve many intestinal disturbances by removing decaying matter that leaches toxins out into the blood stream.  With estimates that the average person has up to 25 pounds, (25 POUNDS!!!) of impacted fecal matter stored in the colon, it is no wonder that degenerative disease is on the rise. 
An average Colon Hydrotherapy session can equal up to 9 bowel movements and colonics are cumulative!  Meaning that when done in series, daily or every other day, the effects build upon themselves.  Similar to peeling the layers of the onion, what is softened in a colonic one day is removed during the next treatment.  Done often enough this will lead to a healthy colon, clean blood and optimally functioning organs. 
Total bowel cleansing is a process.  One must also be aware that diet and lifestyle changes are necessary, or all you are really doing is emptying and reloading the bowel.  By virtue of modern life, and the fact that the organs of the body respond to our energy, stress and other outside factors it is true that the colon will never remain perfectly clean.  It is after all, it is the septic tank of your body.
With Colon Hydrotherapy it is possible to remove matter that has been stored in the colon for years, thus improving health at a cellular level.  This happens because over 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so removing the accumulated matter allows improvement in immunity, as well as allowing major organs of the body (liver and skin are the first to benefit) to be relieved of their toxic overload.
If you look at a chart of reflex points of the colon you will find that each pocket (haustra) of the colon is energetically connected to a body part.  So when you are seeking to recover from illness or just improve overall health it makes sense that you would want to remove as much impacted matter from as many pockets of the colon as possible. 
As science and medicine further discover information about the enteric nervous system or ‘the second brain’ it is becoming clear that fixing the gut (largely accomplished by clearing the colon of impacted matter and reestablishing a good gut flora) is the basis for all good health, mental and physical. 
If you have never experienced Colon Hydrotherapy or want to know more about what a Colon Hydrotherapy session with me is like read my article, “Colon Hydrotherapy-It’s Not As Scary As You Think!”
Shelby Molchan CCHT
Digestive Health Consultant ~ Lifestyle Change Facilitator
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist ~ Holistic Author ~ Speaker
Parasites are just one of the things eliminated during a colon hydrotherapy session.
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